Show your speed

    Firefox 3.5 will be released soon, and its development is twice as fast as Firefox 3, and 10 times faster than Firefox 2.

    It was noting this “event”, and also to spread this fact, we turned to some of our accomplices, the owners of the Guinness World Record, each of whom knows something about speed.

    Our first story is about Kent “Toast” French , whose ability to clap hands reaches 721 beats per minute (an average of 12 beats per second! ). Together with his son Joshua, Kent presented a truly amazing performance in honor of Firefox 3.5:

    We know that Kent is not the only person in the global Mozilla community who has a talent for speed, so if you want to help tell the world about the upcoming Firefox 3.5 - this is what you need to do:

    1. Make a short (30 seconds, no more) video where you present Your skill is speed. It doesn’t matter, make a sandwich, change wheels or mow the lawn. Just do it faster than the rest.

    2. Go to and follow the simple instructions to upload the video.

    3. We will select the best materials in a selection of videos that will demonstrate what our community is capable of. Visit us about a week after the release of Firefox 3.5 and if we use your clip, you will get a T-shirt with the Firefox 3.5 logo, plus, of course, international fame and the satisfaction of helping to open the Internet.

    Source: The Mozilla Blog

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