Weblogic 10.3 + Mysql

    After a long shamanism with the new for me IDE JDeveloper 11g and the integrated application server WebLogic 10.3 supplied with it, I finally got a taste of how to get MySql support.

    But the essence of the problem is this: the above products are now the brainchild of the infamous Oracle company, so it is not surprising that by default their application server does not support MySql. And since in the imported application, a little more than all EJBs turned to the muscle base, this turned into a real Problem.
    The solution turned out to be very simple (I will describe the solution process for Linux, it is most likely similar for Windows):

    1) you need to find the path to the domain used by the server (hereinafter, call it $ DOMAIN_DIR)
    2) we go into $ DOMAIN_DIR / lib and we see there a wonderful readme saying that it is from here when the server picks up the .jar archives lying there
    3) we copy the latest version of the JDBC driver for Mysql there (you can easily get it from their office site )
    4) we start our WLS. Now everything should work -)

    I hope this guide will still be indexed and help someone avoid wasting a lot of time)

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