Excursion to nic.lv - continuation of the topic about domain theft

    The development of the theme of nic.lv and situations doubles applications with our domeny.Sostoyalas Bars meeting with employees nic.lv, associated with the investigation of "domain theft." Yes, I hardly believe in coincidences, but the study of several of the four facts that I know of with the one-day registration of the same .lv domain did not reveal any connection between the cases.

    Therefore, we went to the meeting on April 28, 2009 without evidence - but with some complaints. Most important: is it really so difficult to signal to the user that an application has already been submitted to the domain that he is going to buy?
    Met us more than cordially. Many thanks to Baiba Kashkina and Katrina Sataki, as well as to two charming girls - administrators, whose names I can not name (therefore we will call them beautiful strangers), for meeting us and listening carefully. Thank you second - for taking our advice into account and some of them are already working on nic.lv

    It was about the fact that a client buying a domain is unlikely to believe that someone registered his chosen domain a little earlier. Most likely - he will feel cheated and robbed, as happened in our cases. And the only way out of this situation is to signal the user that the domain he has chosen is already booked. Ideally, with a whois request or in the web form of checking employment. Since before the entry into force of the new rules on liberalization of the sale of domains, there is very little left - there will no longer be a check for compliance with registered companies and trademarks and the waiting time for acceptance of registration will decrease.

    Also discussed were lists of applications for domains in the web admin area and much more. Bars generously reported a bug related to ... (cut out). After a very short period of time after the meeting, I received a message stating that some of the features we proposed began to work:

    When registering a domain, the number of applications submitted but not yet processed is displayed. (What the doctor ordered, I just have not tried it yet ... You can experiment with the domain from the list of released, for which there are already applications)
      In the list of released domains, application counters appeared: you can see that 2 already arrived at bigtits.lv, which makes one request for each tit. But the domain will be sent to the first application, if the "big boobs" do not appear in the list of European brands:

    But bezbileta.lv is still free and is waiting for its hare. Either the crisis is affecting both squatters and webmasters lose their ability to pay, or webmasters finally understand that they are not squatters - there are a lot of free domains with “tasty” and not very names.

    Well, on July 1st, the .lv domain market will stir up not childishly. After all, a check on the business register and European brands can be completely forgotten. Liberalization, however. “Come - whoever wants, take what you want” And only then for the disputed domains, if you wish, courts, dueling or other ways to restore “justice”. Undoubtedly, a paradise for squatters and an unprecedented increase in sales.

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