Interview with Tower Co-Workers

    We spread it at last.

    This is what was prepared for STS, but was not included in the short time frame of the video.
    There will be more - it just takes time to process. Is it necessary?
    If not, say so as not to clog the ether.

    About coworking, about its atmosphere, about us and our projects:

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    Interview with Alexey Glazkov, Tower Tower Coworking Club »
    Projects: INK Toys children's toys, Polygon incubator

    Interview with Olga Druzhkova, INK laboratory
    Projects: Freenet provider, INK Toys rut children's toys
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    Interview with Eleanor Danilova, Gamayun image agency
    Projects: store, a series of books by Ural Enterprises

    PS: By the way, we moved. We will also write about this, because the plans for a new building (it is bigger, more convenient and cheaper) are grandiose.
    PPS: The tower is already a year old, but we have not published reports. Disorder, we’ll fix it soon - we’ll talk about projects, people, changes and plans :)
    PPPS: I forgot to publish the results of a recent investment proposal . There are weighty claims against petitioners ...

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