Propellerheads ... Record !!!

    Hurray, comrades !!! Just half an hour ago, I learned about what Reason users have been waiting for for many years. Propellerheads is releasing a sound recording program with the telling name “Record”! Details under the cut!

    The main feature of the program is its focus. While most specialized recording programs focus on sound engineers and mastering engineers, Record is made for the musicians themselves.

    Of the pluses - an infinite number of tracks, for guitarists and bass players a virtual POD from Line 6 Inc. is installed, there is the possibility of a great and powerful device switching at will of Ala Reason, there is also a sequencer for arranging, a mixer modeled by the legendary SSL 9000K, as well as mutual integration of Record and Reason.


    Unfortunately, my knowledge of English is not as good as I wanted, so if you want, you can go to the official Record page -

    At the moment, the program is in beta testing. It appears on September 9 of this year at a price of $ 299 (or euros, they do not care).

    In the meantime, I propose to watch the video in order to see the software in action.

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