22nd RusCHI Workshop: Presentations by Google Switzerland Specialists and Presentation of the Book “Alan Cooper on the Interface”

    On Tuesday May 26, 2009 at 18:30 , in the conference room “1C” ( Moscow, metro Novoslobodskaya, Nikonovsky per. 26, p. 6 ) will be held the 22nd seminar of the community of usability specialists RusCHI .

    Seminar program:
    1. The principles of rapid prototyping for design. KeeKim Heng (Web Developer, Google Switzerland)
    2. Presentation of the book “Alan Cooper about the interface”

    Please note that the seminar will begin half an hour earlier than usual, at 18:30.
    To attend the seminar, you must register . Participation in the seminar is free.

    Book site "Alan Cooper about the interface"
    Registration for the seminar

    1. The principles of rapid prototyping for design
    KeeKim Heng (Web Developer, Google Switzerland)

    Language of the report: English.

    Report abstract:
    We will look at how rapid prototyping can improve how we design products and communicate our designs to engineers. The talk is intended for user researchers, visual designers and interaction designers, who want to understand how to incorporate rapid prototyping into their design processes and work more effectively with web developers.

    About the speaker:
    KeeKim is a Google Web Developer working in the Switzerland office. He works in the Google Maps User Experience team building prototypes to assist in the product design and development process. He has a background in software engineering but he has always loved designing and developing user interfaces and working in a creative environment.

    Perhaps later, another report from Google Switzerland will be added to the program.

    2. Presentation of the book “Alan Cooper about the interface”

    The other day, the long-awaited book “Alan Cooper about the interface” (About Face 3) in Russian was released. The participants of the project, who were preparing the book for publication, were invited to the presentation:
    • Mikhail Zislis - translator,
    • Vasily Podobed - literary and scientific editor,
    • Alexey Kopylov - scientific editor,
    • Natalya Makarova is a publishing editor.

    You will be able to find out how the work was carried out on the project and communicate with the editors.

    The organizers of the presentation prepared some pleasant surprises:
    • during the evening it will be possible to purchase the book “On the Interface” at an exclusive price of 690 rubles,
    • other books of the Symbol Plus publishing house will be available at a 7% discount,
    • 3 books by Alan Cooper will also be drawn. Do not forget to grab your business cards to participate in the lottery!

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