Resharper for Visual Studio 2010 as early as June

    It's no secret that yesterday it became possible to download Visual Studio 2010 for MSDN subscribers, many people know that the environment will be redesigned for WPF, the network already has several screenshots from the good people of the new development environment. But for me, as I think, and for many, the main factor in the transition (I'm not talking about switching to beta, but in general) to the new studio is usually delaying the release of my favorite add-on Resharper. So it was at least with the 2008 version: jetbrains released Resharper version 4.0 (which began to support VS 2008) only a few months after the release of the studio itself.
    With Visual Studio 2010, the situation is changing dramatically, Resharper developers assure us(see a few screenshots in the same place) that in June it will already be possible to touch Resharper version 5.0 (they cannot be trusted 100%, since they postponed the release of Resharper 4.0;)). Well, in any case, it’s nice that before the release of the studio’s release, your favorite addon will already be on alert and many thanks to the JetBrains team !
    PS They say that it will be very easy to install it, through the Extension Manager in Visual Studio 2010 (something like an add-on gallery).

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