MC108 - electronic magnifier


    I remember that in childhood, a large magnifying glass was almost the limit of dreams. Still with her it would be possible to set fire to a newspaper or burn on the lining on the balcony. Anyway - a valuable thing and prestigious in the yard.
    That is why I am extremely suspicious of the device that Extech Instruments offers for $ 300 .

    Electronic glass provides 4x optical and 7-27x digital zoom. It weighs 70 grams, runs on three AAA batteries, carries two megabytes of memory on board (enough for 60 shots in 320x240 format) and shows an enlarged image of the subject on a 1.8-inch display.

    All this would be perfect if it weren’t for one “but” - you can’t burn it with the MC108: Digital Mini Microscope: - (So this gadget will not bring any pleasure to a normal child.

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