Evernote and “Did It All”: dictate notes by phone


    We are constantly faced with the task of offering users new options for creating notes in different situations. Already there are Evernote client applications for various platforms and mobile devices, tight integration with operating systems and browsers - all this allows you to quickly and conveniently create text, audio and photo notes and synchronize them. But there is one “but.” Until now, the user still depended on the availability of the Internet. It seems that we helped to get around this moment.

    Yes, indeed there is not always access to the Internet, but almost always there is a mobile phone at hand. So, thanks to the service “I did it all”, now you can dictate audio notes and even tag them with a simple call to a toll free number. For several days of testing, we already managed to play enough with this function and were left absolutely delighted. The most attractive thing about this feature is simplicity and versatility. You can capture your thoughts in almost any situation - on the go, driving in a car, jogging in the morning, etc.

    How does it work?

    For work, you need linked accounts in the services “Vseelisdel” and, of course, Evernote. A small instruction on how to do this a little lower.
    When everything is set up, just call the toll free number 8-800-100-3342and after greeting the system, dictate a thought that came to mind, preceding it with the keyword EVERNOTE (pronounced EVERNOUT). For example: “EVERNOUT. Do not forget to take a printout of the presentation for tomorrow's meeting. LABEL “Important . After a couple of minutes, the corresponding note with recognized text will already appear in Evernote, and it will be assigned the label “important”. In this case, a WAV file with the original recording of your voice will be attached to the note. It is worth noting that the ability to add notes by voice is available even in the “Vseelisdelal” basic account, that is, it is free for users.

    How do I link an All-Made account to an Evernote account?

    1. Register on the All -Done website if you have not already done so. To do this, you can simply call 8-800-100-3342 from a mobile phone, listen to the system greeting and hang up. Registration information will come in the form of an SMS message in a couple of minutes.
    2. Log in to the Vseelisdelal website in your personal account and select the “Services” tab.
    3. Opposite the Evernote service, click the “+” sign to activate the service. You will be redirected to the Evernote website (you may have to enter your username and password on our website).
    4. On the authorization confirmation page, click on the "Authorize" button. After that, you will go back to the All-Made site.

    By the way, you can bind several mobile phones to one account in Evernote (that is, several Vsedelisdel accounts). If you use Evernote for collaboration or just open access to your soulmate, for example, to record a list of necessary purchases in the store, you should appreciate this opportunity.

    And one more tip: it makes sense to add the phone 8-800-100-3342 to the contact list on the mobile phone and assign it a separate speed dial key. Then you can call the service number almost instantly.


    Integration “Vseselisdel” and Evernote - the first example of interaction of a Russian-language service through our public APIwhich gave such an interesting result. At the same time, we are still open for cooperation with third-party services and we will always try to help test the integration of your service, exchange tips and ideas.

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