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    Hello. Not so long ago, in discussions of a new microblogging service from Quip (if memory serves me right), some user complained that it was impossible to delete the mail service. I myself’m not the soul of such a model, when all the services are imposed on you without asking you. There was also an old claim to quip for switching to a new qip infium, I had to register another jabber ID (I have enough of my 2x and so on). Then, of course, I learned about the so-called isolated qip client operation mode, and the need for jabber ID from qip disappeared. But how to delete an account? If you delete the profile from the client, then only the data on the local computer is deleted. Having come to a site, in settings it is impossible to delete an account too. And then I remembered that the jabber protocol has the ability to delete an account. Remembering the implementation of such an opportunity in the Psi client, I quickly configured it to work with the server, and then, by going to the account settings, deleted the account from the server. Voila, no gill, no mail, no microblogging.

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