Muzicons sound player website has ceased to be audio hosting

    We have to admit that the situation with music widgets has worsened compared to the  February analysis of our colleague Bukasa .

    Here's what happened: the very site of the Muzicons sound players, which suffered a disaster in January and collected money on Habrahabr (and which even got a little from me then ), apparently still suffered some disaster in the end.

    Now on the front page of the Muzicons they no longer offer to upload MP3s to the site. In addition, I personally managed to notice that all-all MP3s that I had previously uploaded there are no longer available, and the corresponding muzicons abruptly stopped working.

    Now they only offer to specify the URL of an external MP3 file. This means that the Muzicons site, formerly a hosting of sound files, has now become a simple translator of sound from other hosting services to its sound players. Now you can use it, at best, based on the attractiveness of the appearance of its sound players, but not out of the need to place an MP3 file on the Internet.

    It is sad.

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