Mysterious Water Bridge (video)

    Austrian scientists from the University of Technology in Graz relatively recently conducted an interesting experiment. It turns out that under the influence of direct current between two adjacent glasses filled with water, a rather stable water bridge arises up to two and a half centimeters long. So far, an exact scientific explanation of this phenomenon does not exist.

    We look!

    Used rollers: 1 , 2 , 3
    Audience: Massive Attack - Teardrop

    Installation and explanations: The

    bridge was a dynamic structure: along it, water passed from one glass to another (usually from the anode to the cathode). It lasted 45 minutes, after which it broke up: probably due to the heating of the water. The bridge is designed in such a way that the temperature and density of water in it are distributed unevenly.

    It also disintegrated when ion-forming (salt) or surface-active (soap) substances were added to water. When a charged glass rod was brought to it, the bridge bent, forming a water arc.

    The reasons for this behavior of water are still unclear. Researchers suggest that the bridge arises from the interaction of electrostatic charges on the surface of the water. The supplied high voltage and low conductivity of well-purified water lead to the fact that under the influence of an electric field the water molecules are arranged in a special way, creating a highly ordered microstructure. (Based on materials from )

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