Flash Time Loss Control



    Recently, I came across an interesting article about controlling lost time with a chess clock by ssneg . The idea in the article seemed very interesting to me and I decided to quickly make a similar program on Flash.

    Actually, here is a link to the implementation of this simple algorithm: http://www.boomstudio.ru/portfolio/files/experiments/timer_control/

    The idea of ​​the program is very simple: if you work, click on “Work”, if you don’t work, on “Idleness” . In fact, if you do everything honestly (click on idleness every time you enter CONTACT, talk in ICQ, have a coffee break / break, not to mention full-fledged breaks in work), then you may be very surprised at the numbers above the word “ Idleness. "

    It will be interesting for me to hear your opinions about this idea in general or about a flash drive in particular (it is sooooo simple, but in theory it does its job). At the moment, the .exe version of the program can minimize to tray and switch the time mode from the context menu (right-click on the tray icon). In the near future, “hot keys” are planned so that it is possible not to open the program at all and not to make unnecessary gestures, as well as saving data to external files and maintaining statistics for months / weeks.

    PS: The fact is that I have 2 accounts on the hub (the one from which I am writing this post was created a very long time ago and I safely forgot about it, but it's good that I accidentally found it today), and so, my main accountit’s completely minuscule, and because of this I couldn’t create a post even in my personal account, so I will be grateful to everyone who will help to withdraw the main account at least to the point that I can write to my personal blog.

    Thank you all earlier, and do not forget that the main idea was from the user ssneg , I think he will also be pleased if you thank him in the form of karma.

    UPD: Thanks for the karma, transferred to “Learn to work” =)

    UPD 2: I will accept any help from the economic makers and / or from the programmers who will help me link the MDM Zinc + .dll for catching hot keys or port this small application as a plugin for Ff.

    UPD 3:For everyone who believes that it would be more convenient to implement window tracking and so that the program itself automatically understands whether you are working or messing around, I want to say that such programs already exist, but in my opinion they are quite difficult to learn. Links to such programs can be found in the comments on the ideological post .

    Further there will be links to the programs that I already found:
    http://www.vadimz.com/timer/Timer.exe - implementation of a simple timer similar to mine from user ehvadimka

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