About castes

    Since such a booze has gone , I'll tell you a little about castes. Rather, let’s avoid references to different sources and call them “levels”. Consider it lyrics, since I myself am not a historian and have not been engaged in a “scientific” study of this issue. I didn’t deal with it in principle, since the story is material, but this issue is more of a spiritual ephemeral nature. By the way, if you delve into the internet, I will find confirmation and refutation of my thoughts. Therefore, it makes no sense to waste time on this useless exercise.

    So the "levels." I believe that dividing people into levels is simply necessary. What does it mean. This means that each person must do what he must not look into the neighbor’s mouth.

    Who should? Who determines what I should? And if I am capable of more?

    Nature has created us as we are. If a person has a weak heart by nature, then he should not do weightlifting. It `s naturally? I think yes. This is a caste or “level”. There are people who are higher than me in the parameter “heart health” and I do not dispute their “superiority”, I have other advantages. A set of these unique qualities is karma. Let's call it the "path", again to avoid bickering over terminology.
    Some people have a way to be workers. They are satisfied with work from bell to bell and beer on a bench in front of the house in the evening with a neighbor. They are good at doing their job.
    Other natural born traders. They can sell everything that the hard worker, having a rest for beer, has produced and get the maximum profit.
    Still others are military. These guys do not sell anything, but they guard the first two so that they can work quietly.
    Fourth are rulers. They sit in their offices and rule questions so that the military would not have to fight, and the traders and workers would not fight among themselves by chance.
    And fifth - those who are now, unfortunately there are no more - wise men. These comrades with a pure mind from nature, free of material wealth, are able to warn the rulers in time that they are leading their people to the wrong place.
    All these are various levels of development of the human personality. You can break it into even smaller steps.

    So what is the buzz of such a society? The fact is that each person does what he can do best, swap these levels, as the revolution did in due time - everything will go awry: the worker will not be able to rule the country, he has too mundane interests of personal enrichment. The merchant will not be able to fight, the worthless locksmith will come out of the sage, the official will not be able to trade in the market, and the military’s wise advice will lead the country into a bloody war.

    Here animals "understand" it. The working ant will not want to fight (I do not consider the cartoon about Ants), the queen bee will not fly to collect nectar, and tigers hunting for the gazelle will each be in their place.

    A cow who wants to become a racehorse will look pretty stupid. “People have the right to choose,” many will say. There is. But one must understand that there is a right of choice, but there is an unwillingness to follow one’s own path. There is a right of choice - left or right lane on the track. But there is a reluctance to go my own way - I don’t like this route leading to the city of N, I’ll take another route, it doesn’t matter where it leads me.
    Example: there is a man and woman - these are such mega-paths. A man has certain qualities, and a woman has other qualities. A woman who takes upon herself the obligation to raise money is a creature who wants to go her own way. A man who wants to deal only with himself is also a creature that has gone astray. They are both doomed to misfortune.
    Girls, if there is anyone reading this topic. What feelings do you have for men who are hiding behind their woman? Nasty, right? And now men: what feelings do you have about women who have exchanged a family for a career? Not exciting, right? And if these guys agreed to obey their nature, then the husband would take care of the woman, and the wife would support her husband - caste no matter what.

    So with the levels of people the same thing.

    Many may argue that a humanistic society teaches that all people are equal, that society is now and everything is healthy. This is never the case. The idea of ​​levels suggests that all people are born with equal rights. In no case will the merchant mock the worker because he is lower than him. All of them are equal, they have equal rights to life and personal freedom, they simply fulfill the task feasible for everyone.

    The idea of ​​castes is terrible. If I was born in a certain caste level, then I can’t get anywhere from it. Let’s analyze for a second, but now isn’t the same thing happening around us? There are we - the guys are so normal, we work, we work. There are businessmen, and there is a government.
    Did any of you have a desire to create a second Google or Lukoil? Sure ideas were. And what's stopping you? And an invisible caste called “money” prevented you. Yesterday there was a story about a guy promoting his social network, which was supposed to defeat VKontakte. As it turned out, he will not succeed, as there is no money in order to unwind.
    Or maybe someone wanted to get involved in politics? Probably everyone at least once thought: how dirty streets and corruption got me, if I were ... What was in the way? The “connection” caste prevented us from becoming an influential person without them.
    Times have changed, but the essence remains. Only the lioness “democracy” was given to us, we suck it and think that all are equal. But no, to equality we are even further than during the primitive system. But I don’t want to talk about politics at all.

    So still, the transition from level to level is not possible? From what, it’s possible. There was a merchant, he made pots, gave it to a merchant, then the merchant could not sell them all, and the artisan had to do more with trade, he managed to do it quite well, he handed over his affairs to his son, for example, he became engaged exclusively in trade. Then, during an enemy attack on his native city, he showed himself heroically and entered the service, for courage in the battles he was transferred to the royal regiment, then he showed himself to be a good military commander and he was appointed to the post where he became an excellent administrator, and then gave ends the sovereign and he became a ruler, and when he got old, abdicated, went to the forest and became a monk, to whom the rulers came for advice. This is a very perfect option. But it is possible and everything what is needed for this is to forget for a second about your overly inflated ambitions to conquer the world and begin to engage in quality work in your work. If you do everything right, then wealth and power will come to you.
    I really believe that. Rather, I do not believe it, but I know that this is so. From personal experience. I started working in the 2nd year. Somehow I accidentally found a local design studio, came, at first they sent me, but then they took me, they offered me funny money, even from those distant (4 years ago) times. But I did not refuse, it was interesting to do something new. Worked, worked, made shit designs, and was happy because nothing else was needed. Then he accidentally turned up an order for a design for the portal, made it, liked it, started developing this guide, quit his job, got involved in information design, got in touch (albeit small ones, but the fact that I go to freelance just to read blogs and comment on communities, and orders they themselves find me, they’re talking about something) and money. And what would happen if I refused to work for pennies on uninteresting ones, as I understand now, projects - I wouldn’t achieve anything. And now there are a lot of plans, but all of them should be implemented in due time.

    To summarize: each person should do what he does best at the moment, and sincerely believe that the people who are “above” him are not bad bloodsuckers, but gears like him that help him to spin.
    Here it is, utopia)

    In general, I slept only 2 hours today, so please forgive me for the confusion :)
    Good luck and sales of dreams to everyone :)

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