Holiday Invites Distribution

    Hello, Habrasociety!
    In honor of the holiday, May Day decided to arrange a small distribution of invites. Namely, on three resources whose logos you see in front of you.

    :) I will be short

    of invites left:

    Darudar: ended ask in the comments, they are with us :)
    Demonoid: ended ask in the comments, distribute packs
    Fido20: remaining number of unknown even UFOs distribute all invited

    Regarding Fido can write me in PM, on the other resources you can try to invite in the comments.

    Peace, Labor, Invites! (c) almalexa

    UPD Comrade Dmitry G. handed me 5 invites for the demonoid to give me, thanks to him for this.
    UPD2 Comrades t0os and rialTresHThey gave me 5 and 2 invites to the demonoid for donation, respectively.
    UPD3 Comrades Requilence and zvirusz and Paranoid gave me 5 invites per demonoid for donation.

    And many more good hub users in the comments supported the distribution of invites and give them to everyone.

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