List of the most expensive brands of 2009 published

    Millward Brown Optimor recently updated its annual list of the most expensive Global Brands brands.
    Google remains the most expensive brand; it was valued at more than $ 100 billion.
    The top ten brands this year look like this:
    1. Google (1)
    2. Microsoft (3)
    3. Coca-Cola (4)
    4. IBM (6)
    5. McDonald's (8)
    6. Apple (7)
    7. ChinaMobile (5)
    8. GE (2)
    9. VodaFone (11)
    10. Marlboro (10)

    73. MTS
    74. Beeline

    It is worth noting the fall of General Electric from second to 8th place.
    It also remains pleasant that 4 out of the 10 largest brands belong to IT companies, which, moreover, all have increased their positions compared to the previous year.
    It is not surprising if, for example, the same Google increased the value of its brand by 20 billion. dollars over the past year.
    Russian brands MTS and Beeline valued this year at 9.1 and 8.8 billion dollars, respectively.

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