The first issue of the expert show "Runetology"

    Visiting host Maxim Spiridonov, usability guru Dmitry Satin .

    1. Editorial dossier on the guest and an interview with him.

    2. Heading "News of the week." Events under discussion:
    - Yandex offered Sberbank a golden share
    - Remix and Steve Ballmer
    - Dmitry Medvedev in LiveJournal
    - Selling Webby social network for a beer box
    - RIF + KIB
    - Yandex Newsletter “Runet Blogosphere”
    - Rambler is looking for a buyer for “Runner”
    - Vladimir Zhirinovsky resigned from Odnoklassniki

    3. Column “Professional Publications”
    Guest's story about the report “Usability and General Accessibility” made at RIF + CIB.

    4.Section “Debriefing”
    An improvisational expert analysis of one of the new sites of recent days. The focus is

    5. The final and futurological forecast “Runet in Five Years”


    Premiere podcast therefore we will be grateful for considerations that it’s bad, what’s good, what to add, what to remove, etc.
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