A member of the lunar expedition asks not to hide the truth about the aliens

    79-year-old astronaut Edgar Mitchell, a member of the lunar expedition, called on the US government to discover the truth about the aliens.

    “It's time to lift the ban on the truth about the presence of aliens. I urge our government to open up ... and become part of the planetary community, ” Mitchell said at a ufologist conference organized by the Paradigm Research Group (PRG), The Washington Times reports. Mitchell announced that aliens are visiting our planet, and it is time to officially recognize these facts.

    At the conference, ufologists also called on the United States to declassify documents on the interaction of the government with extraterrestrial beings. “If the United States does not, other countries can get ahead of them. In this case, they will be the first, and we will follow them, " - claims the founder of PRG Stephen Basset.

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