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    Recently, for a new enterprise, I needed a Moscow number. Having examined several proposals on the Internet, I settled on the proposal of the CT 150r. per month for (499).

    1 day. I found the box with the tariff, having traveled around 4 Euroset stores. All necessary actions were performed in the cabin, they said that the connection would work in a few hours.

    2 day. The phone did not work, citing a lack of funds in the account. 1 call to the Euroset, all questions in the central heating center, they said that activation of the number requires up to 3 days, this is already inconsistent. The 2nd call to the central heating center was switched several times, they said to call back in the evening, some sort of base fell off. They promise to turn on the 3rd call to the central heating number, they do not see the monthly fee. 4call to Euroset, where is the monthly fee? We all listed, bye. 5 call to the central heating center, again telling the whole story, they suggest sending the check by fax, for the lack of a fax at hand I send an email.

    3 day. Oh happiness! The phone is working. Then I make a mistake by finally posting the number on the site.

    4 day. When mastering the service, I stumble upon the details, it turns out they remove 110 rubles from me. every day, removing immediately in 3 days 330r. 6 call to the central heating center, the body on the phone says that this is a fee for a subscriber number, and 150 rubles. per month is the monthly fee for the room. Having juggled with words the body became confused and began to mumble, put down the phone so as not to injure the psyche further. 7a call to the central heating center, I’m lucky, I communicate with a more competent person. He managed to discover that they connected me to another tariff plan with a subscriber almost 30 times more! They suggested writing to the complaints department. Some kind of secret department without phones. Wrote, attaching a scan of the check and scan of the contract. Allegedly, 3 days are supposed to be considered.

    5 day. In the evening I discover that the phone did not work in the morning. Having included the necessary tariff, they charge me another 500 rubles. in addition to 110r. for the previous day, the debt reaches 1050r. and the number is disconnected. 8 call to the central heating center, again telling the whole story first, then they kick on the line 5 times, each time you have to restrain the mat, telling everything again. As a result, they asked to call back after 22.00, the base fell again. 9a call, again a story, again stupidity, no one needs a base anymore, they suggest writing letters to the secret complaints department. Wrote.

    6 day. Passed in vain. 4 calls did not lead to anything. Spent 3 hours on nothing.

    7 day. 14 call, talked rudely, not embarrassed in expressions. Given a number, someone who can do something. Half an hour dialer, the number is dead. Twentieth call again a story in elevated tones, again a number, such as the one that before this is not the one, this one more trump. XX call trump number, gave the number finally stopudovy! Twentieth last call, the woman answered, talked tiredly and for a long time, then hung on the phone for 5 minutes, promised that in 10 minutes everything would work. I didn’t lie.

    I think not in vain wrote.

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