Habrapoisk + Visual search in IE8

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    I don’t know about you, but I have a “creative impulse” at night, which I usually very much regret in the morning. But let's not talk about the bad, because until morning, then I still have time to share one of my manic creations.
    I have heard a lot about innovations in IE8 ( web fragments , accelerators , visual search ) and somehow I wanted to try to make one of them.

    First you need to decide what exactly we will do, but in order to get something interesting, it is advisable to have our own service, as I don’t have anything interesting right now, so I decided to stealborrow content from long-suffering habrahabr. In the process of difficult choice, it was decided that I would do a visual search. A more detailed description of which can be found here , well, or look here with pictures.
    Purpose: so that prompts appear in the IE8 search bar, as in the search bar on the habrahab site.

    But since we don’t have habrahabr base, then we will go the other way. We know that since the habrahabra page receives dynamic prompts, it means that we can :). Open firefox and learn how it requests data.

    Now the whole mechanism becomes clear. Then it remains to write a few lines in C # to request data from the Habrahabr and generate xml in a format that IE8 understands.


        Xbox 360
        The official Xbox website from Microsoft

        Xbox cheats
        Codes and walkthroughs

        Xbox 360 games
        Games and accessories


    Next, we describe our visual search provider:


    And we fill in the resulting handler with a description on the host , from where its installation in IE8 is available.
    Actually, after installing the provider in IE8, you can see the following:

    Where data is taken from the hub and is brought to the desired format on our host.

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