Configuring a finger print scanner in Ubuntu 9.04

    To write this topic I was prompted by the replacement of the laptop and the move to beta Ubuntu 9.04, as a result of this significant event.
    I must say that I have been using this worthy product since version 7.10. During this time, several machines changed, and I have never had much to regret my choice, since there were no problems with determining the equipment, though it may be more due to the fact that the IBM Thinkpad equipment I use is always well supported in Linux, like all what has been done at IBM.
    Now for work, I got a decent product from HP in my hands - the nc6400 laptop. This device has a fingerprint scanner, which makes life a little easier in our password chaos. Until now, the use of the scanner has been limited to MS Windows, and I did not expect the community to deal with such less popular devices.

    After installing beta 9.04 on a laptop, it turned out that “out of the box” it recognized all the equipment that was on board, including the modem (!), Which I had never seen before. As a bonus, the AES2501 fingerprint scanner, which really was not used anywhere, became noticeable in the list of USB devices.
    Googling, I found a method for connecting this device, which turned out to be very simple.
    Type the command in the terminal:

    sudo aptitude install fprint-demo libpam-fprint libfprint0

    Alternatively, you can search in the synaptic for modules containing fprint in the name and install them.
    These are two libraries containing support for the actual fingerprint scanners and connecting them to the authentication module, as well as a graphical application that allows you to configure the types and number of fingers participating in the "recognition" :)

    After that, you need to make changes to the authentication file by

    sudo gedit /etc/pam.d/common-auth

    adding a line

    auth sufficient

    before the line.

    auth [success=1 default=ignore] nullok_secure

    This will allow you to use the standard procedure for entering the password if for some reason fingers are not recognized.
    The recognition procedure displays a message which finger to apply, but in some applications this message is suppressed, and it was too lazy to look for how to remove it. Therefore, the advice: identify one of the fingers and apply only it - do not get confused :).
    That's all. Use on health. I would be glad if someone helped to use a hitherto useless device.
    The materials of the article were used in the connection
    PS Since the karma for publishing in Linux for All and Ubuntarium is not enough, I’ll post it at home, it can come in handy for someone.
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