Habr in Speed ​​/ Fast Dial

    Inspired by the topic, isoft has upgraded its Speed ​​Dial.
    Opera Speed ​​Dial

    And all users of Opera / Firefox can do this , but so far only for the Habr . On operasd.ru you can get a link for your user habr.
    The plans, in addition to essentially useless information about karma, also display the number of new topics, but it is not yet clear how to implement this technically without entering a password.

    Empirically, I was able to find out that the virtual tab in which Opera loads the site to create a preview that is exactly 1024 pixels wide, while with this resolution of the monitor the size will be slightly smaller (1024 - window borders). Based on this feature, I redirect the user to the desired site or issue a page to create a preview.
    Now that you know the secret, you can do the same on your sites. Eh ... if the opera added a header to the http request that the request is for speed dial ...

    If someone finds and tells a more correct way to determine if the page is loaded for Speed ​​Dial - I will be very happy.

    Tested in 9.62 and 10.00 Internal
    UPD: as it turned out in Fast Dial for Firefox also works!
    UPD2: It is recommended to configure auto-update for 3-5 minutes:

    UPD3: Added support for bash.org.ru and ibash.org.ru

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