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Original author: Brian Briggs
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“Brett Tyson, a sophomore, was dropped out of school after the teacher found out that Tyson was probably using PHP.”

“The teacher accidentally heard Brett say that he was using PHP and, as a result of the zero-tolerance drug policy, the student was immediately suspended. Without any questions. ”Said the rector of Clyde Thurlow. “We are not quite sure what exactly PHP is, but most likely a PCP variant (hallucinogen - approx. Trans.), Or a new synthetic drug, such as GHB (butyrate - approx. Trans.).”

Parents are shocked by these events, and they demand that the school take some action. “We heard that he learned about PHP at school via the Internet. Maybe there’s even a grouping on the network that distributes PHP in school territories, ”said the angry father. "It was supposed that in school, children are taught to read and write, and not to use nonsense like PHP."

In response to the requirements of parents, the school closed access to all sites one way or another related to PHP. The school management reports that these measures will warn other students that they are with poor Tyson. Searches of locker rooms with dogs were also conducted for drug possession.

Interviewed students reported that PHP is widespread at school, but mainly among geeks. when we turned to Tyson in person for comment, he said, “I don’t understand what the hell is going on, but this removal will give me time to chop off the grid!”

Topeka, Kansas, USA. June 14, 2000 ___ PCP - Phencyclidine

Progg it

(full name phenyl cyclohexyl piperidine) is a synthetic narcotic drug developed in 1959 as an anesthetic for veterinary medicine. It is illegally used by some drug addicts as a psychostimulant and hallucinogen that raises physical and psychological activity, causes insomnia, lowers the pain threshold, and dulls the sensation of hunger and thirst. How the drug bears the name "Angel Dust." After euphoria causes deep depression, muscle cramps, significant memory impairment.

GHB - Butyrate, Sodium Oxybate (Sodium Oxybutyrate, Natrii oxybutyras). Sodium salt of g-hydroxybutyric acid.

Probably this case took place for two reasons: as Zadornov says - “Well Americans ...” and an untranslatable punor rather slang.

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