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Original author: Scott Berkun
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The software industry is probably the world's largest nursery of new management systems . Agile , Extreme Programming , Development Through Testing (Test Driven Development, TDD) - Acronyms and frameworks continue to multiply. Why?

Someone will say: immaturity - software production is still a young industry, and all these changes are the path to some true foundations. Others say this because people from programming just like to invent all kinds of things and themselves cannot figure it out. And I will say this: since we are going to have dozens of models, at least some of them can be honest, albeit cynical, with respect to what actually happens most of the time.

(A positive list, I am sure, exists, but here is cynical for you)

Asshole Driven Development (ADD) - any team in which the greatest moron makes all the important decisions is engaged in development through the ass. Common sense, logic, and the process are thrown out the window when Mr. Ass is in the room and does what he sees fit, however silly and egocentric it may be. Rules and processes may be present, but Mr. Z. violates them and people still follow him.

Cognitive Dissonance Development (CDD)- occurs in any organization where there are two or more different points of view on how to write programs. The tension between these points of view, being manifested in various meetings and individual decisions by participants on both sides of the barricades, determines the project to a greater extent than each of the individual points of view.

“Cover your ass” method - the engine of most personal efforts is the desire not to get hit when it smells fried.

Development By Denial (DBD)- everyone pretends that there is a method for what is happening and that everything is in order, while in fact everything is in complete disarray, and the process is gathering dust in the corner. The worse things are, the more survival depends on the denial of what is actually happening, or on isolation in its small part of the project.
Get Me Promoted Methodology (GMPM)- People write code and solve problems in such a way as to increase their visibility, satisfy the whims of their boss and accelerate their path to an increase or a spacious office, while it does not matter how far their efforts are from their goals. Among other things, emergency situations are allowed in order to look like a hero, creating patches that look great in the short term, but crumble to dust as soon as a person moves on; the focus is on the surface of the work, not on its significance.

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Note. translator:the original article caused a rather big resonance, as a result of 287 comments in which about 60 (according to the author) were suggested. methodologies, many of which are very witty (I mean, if I'm interested, I can do translation :)).

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