There are no hopeless situations

    More recently, the user ilzarka wrote on his blog about an interesting virus that blocks Windows:

    Let me remind you again: the virus displays a window asking you to send SMS to some number to unlock Windows. Ctrl + Alt + Del, Alt + Tab and other combinations that should minimize / close / switch to another program are naturally blocked. Rebooting even in safe mode ends with the same window.

    I myself came across this virus (I confess, I sat without an antivirus). My first thought was to boot from the Live-CD. But I didn’t have it (I confess again, live-sit should always be at hand). After meditating for five minutes near the computer, I really thought that the situation was hopeless. But…

    What to do? I tried all the known keyboard shortcuts to get rid of this window, which is on top of everything - everything was blocked. I was completely desperate, but remembered the annoying Windows crap that annoyed me when I played Counter Strike. If you hold the shift for 8 seconds, this window will appear:
    I tried it - it works. At least some variety. Hope that there would be little sense from her, but I pressed the “options” button and began to study all the tabs:
    I did not find anything that could help and again fell into despair. I reached for the red X to close, but I saw a button next to him with a question. I poked it and pointed at one of the buttons in the settings window, a window popped out with the help of:
    Right-clicking on this yellow square unexpectedly showed a pop-up menu. I didn’t know what it was:
    I don’t need to copy it, but I clicked on “section printing”. Bingo! New Window:
    Printing Preferences! I wonder how many people used this feature of Windows? At that moment I was incredibly grateful to Microsoft for the fact that they crammed so much dubious functionality into their operating system. Of course, I did not begin to print the certificate, but began to thoroughly study the new window. I felt like Sherlock Holmes. After some research, I clicked on the “settings” button and saw a familiar printer settings menu with a bunch of bookmarks:
    Sherlock carefully examined each item and again began to fall into despair. What helped out this time? Help again! By clicking the help button, I moved one step further to defeating the virus:
    I didn’t read the entertaining texts, the standard Windows panel immediately caught my eye: File, Edit, etc.
    Holding my breath, I clicked File -> Open and here it is, some kind of, but explorer:
    I wanted to find the desired firefox.exe to read about the virus on the Internet, but again a bummer: this explorer showed only help files, and a drop-down menu “File type” did not offer any other alternatives. The Windows helped again. In the drop-down menu to any folder was the item "explorer", which opened the standard Windows Explorer, bingo!
    I found the browser as a standard explorer without any problems, google information on the virus: it turns out that it is enough to delete the blocker.exe and blocker.bin files. Having deleted them with the same conductor, I rebooted and normally went into Windows.

    The moral of this fable is this:
    1. Do not neglect the antivirus, go bankrupt for a license, it is not so expensive for home computers.
    2. Keep live sit close at hand, and do not wait until the thunder strikes (like me)
    3. Naturally, do not send any SMS
    4. Do not despair ever, there is a way out :-)

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