IE fell to a record low

    The days when Internet Explorer was present on 90% of computers are forever in the past. Now it can be found only on two out of three computers. According to statistics from Net Applications , in March 2009, IE's popularity fell to a record level of 66.8%. This is the minimum indicator for the entire time of measurement (since 2005).

    Over the past month, IE has lost 0.7 percentage points, which is more than the average in previous months, and even the release of IE8 could not reverse the trend. The share of IE8 grew exclusively due to IE7 users who were upgrading.

    Over the past year, IE has lost a total of 8 percentage points. If this continues further, then by the time Windows 7 is released (presumably January 2010), IE will fall below 60%.

    More than others from the fall of IE, Firefox wins, which added 0.3 pp in March. and rose to 22%. Interestingly, among the Firefox audience, 6% of users have a beta version of Firefox 3.5 installed.

    As for Safari and Chrome, they grew by 0.2 and 0.08 percentage points, respectively. Their absolute indicators are now 8.2% (in January it was 8.3%) and 1.2%, respectively.

    In last place is Opera with 0.7%.

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