Mini-conference "Hosting for site owners" took place

    Recently I published the announcement of a mini-conference on hosting on Habré .

    The mini-conference was pretty successful. Presentations were made by representatives of Microsoft Ukraine , RedGraphic and NivalNetwork . More than 70 specialists gathered in the hall of the University of Culture.

    Igor Shastitko, ITPro Evangelist, Microsoft Ukraine, made a presentation “Overview of Microsoft Web Platform Technologies”. As part of the report, IIS7 architecture issues, the execution of third-party scripting languages, and server security issues were considered. Sergey also talked about server virtualization methods and the non-standard use of the URL Rewrite module. A separate item was told about the Bizspark initiative, which gives the right to Belarusian developers to use Microsoft licensed software for free.

    Roman Shaternik, technical director of RedGraphic, made a presentation on "Migrating a site: working on bugs." As part of the report, Roman shared the rich experience of the web studio in transferring client sites between different hosting services and in solving problems arising in this regard. The most typical problem, according to Roman's experience, was the separation of the studio from the choice of hosting. As a result of this, clients are faced with problems with PHP versions, the inability of SSH access to Shared hosting and the difficulties in managing domain names.

    Sergey Karatkevich, Nival Network’s system administrator, (and before Nival, Sergey was the head of Agava’s system administration department) spoke about the prospects of Cloud hosting and the change in business processes associated with the popularization of such services. Cloud hosting services are already provided by market leaders such as Amazon and Google. With cloud hosting, the line between shared, vps hosting and physical server rental is erased. The amount of memory, computing power and disk space on a cloud hosting can change dynamically.

    The conference was held as part of the educational program of the portal IT-JOB.BY. She has already become the 10th event held as part of this program. In total, the program has already gathered more than 1000 people. All events of the program are free, and are designed for people interested in IT.

    Conference materials are already available on the organizer's website.

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