Hook deliberately outdated things

    Another quote from Papanek about obsolescence of things.

    “Industry condoned the desire of society for everything new and unprecedented. The mixture of technology and the artificial stimulation of consumer whims has given rise to sinister twins: modernization and obsolescence.

    There are three types of obsolescence:

    1. technological (opens up a new or more elegant way of doing things)
    2. material (the thing wears out)
    3. artificial (the thing is doomed to premature death in advance; either the material is non-standard and will wear out in a predictable period of time, or the main parts cannot be replaced or repaired).

    Since World War II, most attention has been paid to stylistic and artificial obsolescence. ”

    What does this remind me of? Yes, Apple products it reminds me! Now I look at the iPhone and I understand that the designers of Apple read very, very, very carefully his criticism and did exactly what he spoke out against. After all, all this criticism is aimed at making a profit, but how can a commercial organization refuse it?

    Papanek, apparently, believed that things should only change when it pushes one of the walls of the Triad of Restrictions prison (read about this entry on my website on March 28). Otherwise, manufacturers put us on the hook of our own desires. How to counter this?

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