Facebook Developer Garage

    imageFacebook is launching its next Developer Garage in San Francisco tomorrow (March 25). Relevant event on Facebook .
    Venue - Hyatt Regency San Francisco Hotel at 5 Embarcadero Center. The Garage will begin at 18:30.

    Online broadcasting will be available at this link (do not forget that the time difference with Moscow now is 10 hours).

    This Facebook Developer Garage, co-hosted by Kontagent Analytics, will be the first of its kind - it focuses on fbConnect, social gaming and professional metrics for social apps. We will reveal to you some of the process of developing and measuring the success of top multi-million dollar social games. Our lineup of performing professionals includes metric experts (Dr. Andreas Weigend / Stanford, Erics Ries / Kleiner Perkins, Justin Smith / Inside Facebook, Jeffery Tseng / Kontagent, Vikas Gupta / Jambool, etc.) and successful game developers who share their skills in how to use metrics to grow, attract and monetize traffic in social games and applications on Facebook.

    The event is open to all developers (we will be especially pleased to see developers of social games), marketing professionals and all Facebook enthusiasts. Pezentatsii will be rich and informative. Each developer should learn something that can change their way of developing applications.

    Prizes are also waiting for you, including the drawing of premium passes for the Web 2.0 Expo, as well as other exclusive prizes, which we will announce at the event.

    Speakers and Topics

    * Albert Lai (Kontagent, co-founder / CEO), Introduction

    * Andreas Weigend (Data Mining Professor at Stanford and Former Chief Scientist at Amazon) - Key Points

    * Eric Ries (Kleiner Perkers, co-founder IMVU) - Metrics social attraction

    * Jia Shen (co-founder / CTO RockYou) - Notification metrics

    * Jeffrey Tseng and Fredric Newberg (Kontagent co-founder / CTO and VP engineering) - Viral tuning after conversion

    * Josh Elman (Facebook) - fbConnect to the Web and iPhone and other platforms

    * Justin Smith (InsideFacebook, Former Head of Products at Watercooler) - Social gaming

    trends * Andrew Mayer (Media Shifters) - Casual game metrics applicable to social games

    * Vikas Gupta (co-founder Jambool) - Virtual optimization economics

    * Michael Hart (Netflix) - Netflix Facebook Connect metrics

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