Milk is a multicomponent polydisperse system in which all the constituent substances are in a finely divided state

    Information is a very important thing in the modern world, isn't it? And it is quite natural that in our time, useful information must be paid .
    Why did I start with milk? Everything is very simple -
    So. Without further ado - Cow's Farm “Horns and Hooves”
    There is a furniture company that wants to sell more furniture.
    You provide information about the need for furniture, the company processes it. After the conclusion of the transaction - pays you a percentage. The circuit is quite simple and practical. The maximum agent’s earnings is 15% of the order amount. Example:
    5 jobs (only 5 people in the company) - an average of 110,000 rubles. economy class. Consequently, the agent’s remuneration is 16.500 rubles. When ordering 20 middle-class jobs, the invoice amount is approximately 600,000 rubles. Therefore, the agent's remuneration is 90,000 rubles.
    Crib - 49.990 rubles., Therefore, the agent's reward - 7.500 rubles.
    Pofiguchto + smart_user_habr:
    receive a 15% discount on any piece of furniture.
    It seems clear.
    For the transmission of information there is a specially designed interface for this task (SREDZI). It is located at further, faster login, it is recommended to use a secret link on the farm website. The link looks like the inscription “ WE WILL TEACH THE WORLD TO MILK! »
    In the future, it is planned to develop the project on a larger scale. Issuance of certificates that will be quoted as work experience in furniture companies. Signing a contract with our company and registration for a permanent job. And many, many different, profitable bonuses.
    In general, Good luck, Agent!
    Answers to most questions can be found in the "Frequently Asked Questions" section of the SREZI system .

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