Who wants to participate in a startup?

    Actually what kind of startup.
    In this case, my startup is not something new and ingenious. A simple site that includes a lot of useful information, a lot of services.
    Yes, there are such services separately on the network. And there is a desire to collect these services on one site.
    The theme of the site is dedicated to business, and everything that can be connected with this. I strive to make B2B
    I will not indicate the link to the site so that they do not consider me a spammer. And that I am promoting my site. But if there are anyone, then I will definitely give a link.

    I must say right away that my project was 100% done on my pure enthusiasm.
    And while the investment was once in the purchase of hosting. And then the project itself pays for itself.
    Recently I painted a work plan for revision.
    And I realized that all I want is for me not to pull. I can pull it back, but it will be a long time.

    That's actually, I decided to ask the Habralyude.
    Maybe someone is ready to help the thread, or just for the sake of interest to participate in this startup?
    The project still does not bring much so that I can hire people for coding.
    All the money that the project earned, I saved and collected for advertising when I finalize the new version of the project.

    Actually, I wanted to know who the thread is ready to help, and if it is ready, under what conditions.

    Actually, who is needed:
    1. php-develoder - to develop new functionality
    2. Seoshnik - I optimized the site myself. And for this I wanted to see proffi. And expressed his opinion
    3. designer optional. - Design I did later myself. Scraped over the guts and sketched. Maybe someone will be interested in making a new design.
    4. Creative people - maybe someone has ideas, and these ideas can be implemented in this project.

    I also understand perfectly well that super professions will probably not take part in enthusiasm.
    But I think that I can advise on issues with development, and I will help.

    Actually the startup itself

    A brief plan of improvements:
    1. Redo registration, and adding businesses
    2. Tenders
    3. Purchases
    2 and 3 are essentially the same
    4. In normal, do a search, and also fasten a normal search on the directory, contracts. Well, actually where you need it
    5. Develop a personal account
    - here there will be a lot of features and opportunities
    - Enterprise News
    - creating a business card website
    - posting vacancies
    - much more

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