How to make Firefox open news: URLs in Google Groups

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In the sandbox, an unknown author published a recipe that allows you to continue to open the mailto: hyperlinks in Firefox via GMail.

However, this recipe can be supplemented by an indication of such a way that in the same Firefox you can open hyperlinks “news:” via Google Groups.

This is where this method is: area: //Ru.Blog.Mithgol/? Msgid = 2: 5063/88 + 4923d5c5

The appearance of this hyperlink resembles that you can teach Firefox to open the "area: //" hyperlinks; but that’s another story.

That's all. And now a little lyrical digression.It is amazing to observe how the meaning of a statement is transformed depending on its location. Putting a brief hyperlink to my own blog (running in Fidonet) would be quite justified in the commentary. However, since it is impossible to comment on the Habrahabr sandbox, I had to make a blog entry from the commentary . In the blog post, it’s magically incorrect to put links to your blog (after all, “Habr is not LJ and not the center of world cross-hosting. Therefore, you do not need to write the same news on different blogs and generally engage in cross-hosting.”). An endless dead end, unless you accept that the Habr’s rules prohibit cross-hosting only inside Habr’s own home, but not from outside Habr to Habr, and not from inside of Habr.

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