Sapka Competition Prize Fund

    The standard practice of awarding the winners of the competition allocates three prizes. Probably, this has been going on since those times when many were able to count as "one, two, three, many." The most significant place was the first. Because the score always started with one.

    But, for programmers, this is not so. They all start from scratch and in the long run they are often limited by a bit grid.

    The competition for programmers Sapka has a general sponsor of prizes, which establishes a prize fund to award winning teams with nth amounts of money.


    In order not to erode the prize pool and not complicate our lives with standard calculation rules, we limit the bit grid to 2 bits of bits. We select one bit for the round: 0 - Main, 1 - Overclock. And the other in place. And fill in the table of values ​​for the prize function.


    Overclock round - decisions sent in the first 3 days, just Saturday and Sunday get here. Main round - all 7 days, it was thought of as work in the evenings for the busy, but you can sausage for days - your right.

    Decisions from the Overclock round will participate in the Main round, and it is possible that a super team takes a place in both rounds. In this case, she will get the maximum of the prizes, and the next participant on the list will come to the vacant place of the winner.

    The task

    There is no data about the task, everything is secret. It is only known that the fictional task is in a state of evolution and is constantly changing under the influence of weather on planet Earth, magnetic storms on Mars and the pulse of the Google group. What will come of all this in the end will be known in two days on Friday, March 13, 18:00 (GMT + 2 in Kiev time).

    Everyone can join the battle. There are no restrictions. Neither geography, nor language, nor technology pose obstacles. The main thing is that your solution is launched on our Sapka Live CD. It should not be compiled, only launch.

    And on March 29 at Codecamp'09 in Kiev we will gather to reward the winners, debriefing and communication.

    You can leave questions, comments and suggestions here or in google groupContest. Thanks.

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