U2 tour will be held with BlackBerry


    Few artists are so closely connected with any devices, like the U2 band with iPods. Since 2004, two generations of black and red iPods autographed by members of the group have been released. U2 also starred in two commercials and performed at one of Steve Jobs' presentations. Now, RIM (Research In Motion) and their BlackBerry brand will be sponsoring the world tour in support of U2's new album “No Line on the Horizon”.

    U2 manager Paul McGuinness said the tour’s funding will go like this: “This tour will mark the beginning of a joint venture between RIM and U2, which will add musical features to the BlackBerry mobile platform for U2 fans. We will report on the details of the development of our joint relations. ”

    On Apple Insidernote that Steve Jobs also said something similar five years ago about Apple working together with the same group: “U2 is one of the greatest groups in the world, and we just can't refuse to work with them ... We want to create several joint products and we hope that U2 fans will be happy to have a special iPod model. ”

    Of course, it should be noted that, in 2004, Apple products were not yet on the mobile phone market, i.e. in fact, the company did not compete with BlackBerry, and U2 did not participate in the advertising campaign for the iPhone. However, Apple skillfully combined the brands of iPod and iPhone - Jobs said about the iPhone: "this is the best iPod of all that we created." The concepts of iPod and iPhone are now really hard to separate.

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