Apricot spring on My Opera


    So spring has come ... All living things begin to shed winter clothes that have lost all appearance and try on brightly colored outfits that harmonize much better with the warm spring sun and the awakening of nature. My Opera portal is also lively in a sense - a huge ant hill, where users from all over the world find their like-minded people, argue about global things or simply contemplate amazingly, sometimes, talented photographic works by unknown masters of photographic art. That is why the spring sun has forced our portal to be updated, getting rid of the burden of uncomfortable functions and getting a lot of new ones in return. This version of the website is called “Apricot”, which means that all subsequent versions will also have a code name - like any other complex software product. Briefly about what has changed:

    - A new uploader for photos. Disabled by default, requires forced inclusion;
    - improved navigation through albums;
    - Added interface translations;
    - added new buttons;
    - Improved work with friend lists;
    - The interface is adapted for people with disabilities;
    - Fixed a lot of errors, and much more.
    ( A detailed list is in English here )

    Also for those who do not have enough to work on everything ready, I can advise you to look at the set of links at the bottom of the page. There, among other things, an previously missing API link appeared . I won’t explain what it is, who cares - he will drop by and understand everything.

    And further. Despite such a rosy start to the news, I can’t be tempting and must say: like any new software, the portal My Opera is not without mistakes. There is nothing to be done - the world is imperfect. Therefore, do not hesitate to send error messages to the developers of the website - they will only thank you and will try to fix the flaws in a short time. I am addressing a similar request to those who find errors / inaccuracies / typos in the Russian translation. Only in this case can you communicate directly to me - as the author of this translation.

    Well, welcome to the "apricot" world of My Opera!

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