Automation of torrent downloads.

    Following the fresh traces of this topic:
    Since this topic has already been raised on the hub, I decided to introduce you to one, though already well-known program in this short article.
    Meet MIRO.
    In short, this is a symbiosis between the rss aggregator, the torrent-rocking chair, the media library and the player. In theory, this is the future of programs that do without a file manager, and this is anti-Unix-way, where the program in itself copes well with a certain activity, but is bad separately as a reader, torrent, player, library. I have truly amazing ways to use it, but I'm afraid the fields on this page are not able to fit them, so I will limit myself to a typical example.
    So there is a website, say, it gives out a RSS feed with links to the latest series of bridges, dexters and other wonderful life replacements. Subscribe and open. We see the tape, find in it the last series of your favorite IT crowds from IT and click download. Stop, stop, stop, somehow too lazy to download it yourself every time. Let's try to use the filter on the top panel. We introduce everyone there just a very adored naruto - only the episodes with your idol are left in the tape, now we press to subscribe and voila - among the RSS feeds there is a tape with a filter for your favorite series. It remains only to put: whether to download all episodes from this tape, download only new ones, or you will download manually. Now we go to the tab with freshly downloaded episodes, there were highlighted that there are 3 new ones, and we are watching a new series of telepuziks.
    What are you interested in?
    Then download the program and not a single new series of your precious cops will elude you. For one look at (scarce truth) the possibilities of an internal media library and player.

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