Two tools for creating fonts.

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I am a true fan of typography, and spend a lot of time searching and experimenting with all kinds of different types of fonts and styles.

In this sense, I also tried to create my own fonts, and I must say that anyone with little experience can do this.
The following highlights some of the most famous (and free) tools for self-creating fonts.


Fontstruct is a web-based application that is a great tool for creating fonts, especially if you are new to this business. To create fonts, users need to register, but the graphical interface is so simple and easy to use that you will start using it instantly.


Fontstruct welcomes users with MS Paint-like environments where they can use the "bricks", which are essentially templates that help you create your favorite design. There are dozens of bricks to choose from, each of which can provide its creators with a unique feature to add to the font.

A few additional basic tools include: an eraser, a line / rectangle tool and a hand tool, allow you to create fonts accurately and professionally.
Each letter / symbol, whatever language you choose, has a corresponding “slot” to help you keep track of which characters you have already drawn, and those that you might have forgotten.

Fontsrtuct contains character models in over 20 different languages.


During the creation of his masterpiece, Fontsrtuct provides the ability to print and test the result in real time, which is undoubtedly a convenient feature for both newcomers to designers and professionals.


After your font is ready, you can download it (in TrueType format) and / or put it in the public domain through the gallery. Here, users can publish, vote, and download fonts, creating community typography lovers everywhere.


If you prefer desktop applications for creating fonts, let's take a look at FontForge: a wonderful free program that allows you to create your own fonts. It is more intricate compared to Fontstruct, and contains a large number of settings and tools.


Users are greeted with a bitmap of signs and symbols that can be molded and remade in accordance with the desired design. FontForge is compatible with many different font formats, including TrueType and Opentype.

I would also recommend reading an excellent guide from the creators of FontForge, which will help you in creating fonts. There are versions of the program for Windows, Mac, and Linux, however Windows users must also install Cygwin , which is a free Linux environment for Windows that is required to run FontForge.


FontForge is definitely worth a try, but before that, work with Fontstruct to get used to the printing environment and bring some of your ideas to life.

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