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Maxim Azarov, Google Product Manager Russia

We often see that people enter Google requests with errors. For example, the query “Moscow”, due to an accidentally missed letter, turns into “Mokva”. How can Google fix the error? Moreover, bearing in mind that sometimes it is just unusual or absolutely correct spelling of a rare word. After all, for example, there really is a settlement called Mokva!

We are pleased to announce that improvements have been launched in Google search for those cases where an error creeps into the request. This function will be useful if the letter in the request was skipped, confused with the neighboring on the keyboard, or just part of the request was typed in the English layout. Now Google will not only give a hint with a corrected request, but also proactively knead in the search results section with the results for the corrected request.

Our experiments show that this approach quickly leads users to the desired result. At the same time, Google still shows the results for the original request, which allows you to take into account situations where the correction of the request was undesirable.

We also launched improvements to the “Perhaps you meant:” tips for the Russian language. Improved relevance of issued hints, better merged words are better separated. For example, now for the query “ Soljaricin ’s example of jargon”, a hint with corrected and separate spelling will be offered: “Solzhenitsyn’s example of jargon.”

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