LoveTrainer - sex with a scientific approach


    LoveTrainer is today, probably, the most unusual gadget from a fairly well-known company Sega Toys. Suspiciously similar to headphones with an mp3 player, the device is positioned as a real sex trainer. According to the creators, a man and a woman before ... putting on these headphones. During the process, they hear music and rejoicing cues like: “Prelude now”, “Follow the rhythm, faster”, “Good pace!” etc. Judging by the scheme, the last replica has a scientific basis. A sensor hangs on the wiring, which controls the pulse of lovers. Everything would be fine, but the villainous clip is attached to the ear - not the most convenient option, although it could be worse. So I see the picture, under the peppy "And p-one-two!" we accept emphasis lying and rhythmically master the woman.


    The toy costs as much as $ 80, but it is intended (thank God) only for the Japanese market.


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