Windows 7 has not yet passed antitrust verification

    Technical experts of antitrust agencies who check Microsoft’s actions for compliance with antitrust laws study Windows 7 more thoroughly than previous versions of Windows. This was stated by a judge of the US Department of Justice, managing the work of the technical committee for Microsoft. This committee consists of three experts who are solely reviewing Windows 7, and since March 2008, when they received their first alpha versions.

    The Redmond giant regularly supplies experts with the latest beta of Windows 7, and in December sent additional documentation on the new operating system. The experts conducted a thorough analysis and yesterday published a preliminary report.. As follows from it, changes in the Windows 7 protocols require Microsoft to provide another "30 new and 87 redone technical documents."

    All these painful procedures are a prerequisite for a deal that Microsoft entered into with the antitrust service back in 2002. In accordance with the agreements, she is obliged to carefully document all communication protocols so that other developers, including competitors, have the guaranteed opportunity to write compatible software for any part of the Windows platform.

    Such legal oversight of Microsoft will last until November 12, 2009.

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