Rebirth Chat.Ru

    In the 1990s, Chat.Ru was one of the most popular and visited sites in Runet. But at some point it stopped developing, and in recent years has hardly been visited.

    After almost ten years of oblivion, everything suddenly changed. From the previous site there was only a link on the main page. Chat.Ru has taken the first step towards returning the status of the most popular communication service on the Russian Internet.

    Yes, it's still a chat, but a new generation chat. Life does not stand still, and for ten years, technology has gone far ahead. The current Chat.Ru is based on XMPP (aka Jabber), which everyone probably heard about.

    Don't like web chat? Use any XMPP client: Pidgin, Miranda, QIP Infinum ... By registering on Chat.Ru, you will receive the corresponding Jabber identifier and you can not only participate in discussions on Chat.Ru itself, but also correspond with your friends who use Google Talk, LJ Talk or other similar service. On the other hand, you can chat on Chat.Ru using an existing identifier - for example, in the same LiveJournal.

    The chat concept itself has changed. If earlier the chat was a separate page of a separate site, now you can discuss any page without leaving it. For example, let's discuss this page.! Of course, you will say that there are already comments here, but comments are not the same as live, real time communication. In addition, not all sites have the ability to leave reviews made really convenient. But what if you want to discuss some page on which commenting is not provided at all? Then the new Chat.Ru comes to the rescue.

    To discuss any page on the network, just type “” in front of its address, and a chat will appear on the page in which everyone who wishes to take part in the conversation will be. You can communicate with people who visit the same sites as you, and possibly even with the administrators or owners of these sites. In addition, send the link to a friend or, for example, publish it on your blog to attract new people to the discussion!

    This is just the beginning. Chat.Ru promises many more interesting things. But this is a completely different story.

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