The easiest way to learn to type blindly

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    If you still don’t know how to type blindly, be sure to learn.

    Spend a couple of days of your precious time. This is an even more profitable investment than buying Google’s shares in 2004. You will save time all your life, and a lot, honestly.

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    How to learn to type blindly
    The stenographers' courses and keyboard simulators are useless. Do not be fooled by Shahidjanian either, psychotherapy is for unsure losers. There is a much simpler and faster way: feel free to throw your keyboard in the trash, go to the store and buy a new one there, the same one, only without Russian letters. Breaking will last one day, training will take another day. In a week you will look at the keyboard as Richter at the piano.

    I bought a laptop a few years ago without a Russian keyboard. All these two years (minus a week for training) I type at about the same speed with which I’m talking. Which I wish you too.

    PS How do you save time? Share recipes.

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    timely opinions of respected commentators: Steelapple I learned to type blindly very easily - I bought a laptop in Malaysia without Russian letters on the keyboard. It was impossible to stick Russian letters, because the keys were smaller than the standard ones, but I didn't want to cut the stickers. In a week, I learned the layout by heart and no longer think about whether there are Russian letters or not on the keyboard.
    In knowledge of the Russian layout there is a very big plus. Imagine the situation: you come abroad, sit down at someone else's computer and ... write in transliteration. I add the Russian language in the settings and freely write in Russian without any difficulties.

    Ag47 Once I tried not to look at the keyboard, it turned out that I practically remember everything, so I glued all the keys with pieces of paper so that there was no temptation to look at it.
    In general, I think everyone who prints for more than a year can print blindly, the main thing is to overpower themselves and not look at the keyboard.

    clops Everything was very simple - I bought a Mac (for a long time, then it was still called PowerBook G3) and did not dare to spoil the perfect computer with Russian letters. a couple of days later, without any problems, I was typing blindly in Russian!

    There are opposing opinions, in general, the discussion is interesting.

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