Google, logs and law

Original author: matt buchanan
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Meet Lee Harbert, an investment banker from San Francisco. Now he is sentenced to 3 years in prison, and the decisive evidence in his case was the logs of queries to the Google search engine.

Here is how it was. On January 11, 2005, Mr. Harbert rode his jaguar and knocked down 55-year-old Gardeep Kaur. The victim of injuries died, and the driver stepped on gas and rushed off the scene.

Subsequently, Harbert claimed that he thought he had hit a deer, and in this case the law does not require stopping. Yes, and the police initially stated that a burgundy jaguar was wanted, and not black like Mr. Lee Harbert's.

It would seem that here it is freedom. But meticulous police officers found in the search logs on the computer the suspected phrases like “buy spare parts”, “demands to report to the police about damage to the car windows”, “car theft” and most importantly - “hit-and-run” (shot down and disappeared). In the search for "hit-and-run" Lee went exactly to the news about the crime that he committed.

It was these facts that became the basis for proof of guilt and now Lee Harbert will spend three years in jail. With this, in fact, we started.

The moral of this fable is this: if you have already awakened something - do not google the news about it.

PS: the translation is very free, in the style of Zakhoder :)

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