About DisplayPort 1.2

    The VESA working group has published some details of the new DisplayPort 1.2 video interface standard.

    The current version of DisplayPort 1.1, which was adopted in April 2007, supports a resolution of 2560x1600 pixels. The new DisplayPort 1.2 will be able to hold with this resolution as many as two monitors on one connector. The maximum resolution of DisplayPort 1.2 is 3840x2160 pixels. Moreover, for an image with a 30-bit color depth and a frequency of 60 Hz.

    In addition, this standard will allow you to display HD-images with a frequency of 120 frames per second or to support at the hardware level two images at once for stereoscopic technologies that require this. Which are implemented, for example, in a ViewSonic FuHzion monitor and NVIDIA's GeForce 3D Vision glasses.

    So far, however, even version 1.1 is not very common. This video interface was used in only a few monitors. In particular, Apple began to use DisplayPort in its laptops and monitors.

    via electronista

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