About magazines and printed matter.

    In response to the topic . Just my opinion.

    Half a year ago, I would say that magazines will not die and will continue to be published for many more years. And even now I understand that if this happens, it will not be soon. But for companies involved in issues of a magazine, it is becoming increasingly profitable to issue online magazines. In Russia, there are few such magazines so far, and if they are, then on the basis of foreign platforms.

    One such platform is issuu . Based on this platform, you can publish your magazines in PDF format and they will be divided into pages to create a flipping effect. Also there are a number of functions in order to make it more convenient to read. Each page is loaded as a separate element, so that the magazine as a whole loads faster. In general, to publish your magazine there, this platform will work, but it, although it is developed on flash, does not use any interactivity inside the magazines.

    The creators of the Ceros platform went further. They have everything the same as in issuu, but interactive pages have been added to the magazine pages. All pages are made with various animations. Some of the pages have audio accompaniment. On others, a video has been added. There is the possibility of switching from a page with an announcement immediately to the necessary page, there is navigation through the magazine. There are forms of sending e-mail letters immediately from the journal. Even somewhere there was a magazine store where leafing through it you could throw the goods in a basket and at the end of the magazine make a purchase. In general, almost everything that can be done using flash can be implemented in your journal based on this platform.

    I examined only two examples of platforms on the basis of which you can create your own magazines. Looking at what has been done, it’s much easier for me to watch such a magazine on the Internet, listening to music and watching videos in parallel with my reading. I agree that printed materials will always exist, for example books. Or such brochures that are distributed before the election for mass agitation. There will also be magazines like avon, where you can rub your hand and smell the scent of perfume or cream. But some products such as newspapers and magazines will gradually give way to technology.

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