Trendy fashion trackers: Samsung, Polar, Withings, which were not expected

    Despite the fact that in the current compilation, the names of the first echelon are completely, the gadgets in question, for one reason or another, have not received due attention.

    We offer to look at the devices and their features.

    Even big brands sometimes do something inexplicable. Perhaps in the hope of fans who will buy anything that came out from under the machine with your favorite logo. Perhaps in the hope of the future. Perhaps under the advertising budget, which then - bang - and no.

    Withings Go

    "Wizings" - once the largest manufacturer of wearable electronics and digital gadgets for health. Largely thanks to this brand, we learned that tonometers can be synchronized with a smartphone, and scales measure pulse. Scales, by the way, to this day remain among the best.

    And now, in 2016, the company announces the tracker “Go” at CES .

    Unlike most product line gadgets, this tracker was clearly aimed at young people: a simple design, rather a sports focus, high autonomy and the E-ink display still relevant at that time, much loved by Pebble.

    The gadget comes in a set with two types of mounts: a bracelet and something like a dongle. Like the Pulse O2 tracker in due time, the tracker can be fixed on the belt, and thanks to the hole in the dongle, the tracker can now be turned into a key chain! This is also clearly a decision addressed to the young.

    Before you hang it in a convenient way for you, the in-app customizer will ask you to perform a few simple steps and warn you that the tracker must be worn on the wrist to track the swim. You will also be offered to choose a color scheme, no matter how strange it sounds with regard to E-Ink.

    Or this:

    Display, it is - a button. By clicking on it, you can switch between the displays of activity statistics and hours.

    The keychain tracker runs on a battery for up to 8 months. Withings Go works in tandem with the proprietary application Withings, where you can also process statistics from other devices of the company.


    The company that introduced this tracker makes Xiaomi smart watches, but proximity to the brand and the frequent mentioning of "Xiaomi" in the title does not help the tracker much.

    The smart bracelet is aimed at a female audience: it is made of ceramics, and as a whole it looks very sophisticated. By its functionality, it even slightly exceeds some gadgets: there is a smart alarm clock. In addition, he sends notifications of events on a smartphone, counts steps and calories, and also analyzes sleep.

    It is offered in two colors and different mounting options: including wearing Amazfit, you can also wear it as a pendant.

    Samsung Charm

    In one row with Amazfit, you can put Samsung Charm , and, like Withings Go, this is the “echo” of 2016, albeit from another exhibition - MWC.

    The tracker is also addressed to girls and is designed primarily to perform one function: to remind you of calls and messages. He does it quite delicately, without sound and vibration, with the help of one of the diode signals, which are configured when connected.

    The application, as you can see, is not very functional: access to notifications and activity statistics through SHealth. Indeed, it should be noted that girls often throw the phone into a bag, and then listen: “Well, why do you need a phone at all, if you never hear it”.

    However, once again it is necessary to repeat that within 10 minutes, while the diode is flashing, it should be noticed with eyes, since neither Charm does not vibrate or sound.

    At the same time, it is fair to note that it looks like an ornament, it looks stylish and modern. The minimalist combination of a thin line of a bracelet and a large stone is now in fashion. The gadget can work up to 7 days, depending on the intensity of the notification, and for charging - a special small docking station is included. No cable.

    Activity will have to follow in the application SHealth, where you can go from the application Charm. The gadget collects data on the steps taken and calories consumed.

    Loop 2 from Swarovski

    Since the review of the fitness tracker Polar Loop appeared on Habré , the company has released two updates. First, Loop 2 appeared .

    It appeared on the wave of popularity of smart bracelets, and the company decided to also add the ability to receive a notification from a smartphone. And after that Loop 2 got a modification of Crystal .

    Despite the fact that the dimensions of the original Loop are preserved, due to the two Swarovski lines, the bracelet has become more elegant. At the same time, he retained all the properties of the original bracelet, even decreases as well: by cutting off part of the belt.

    With the connection of the sports chest strap, the H7 bracelet turns into a full-fledged fitness tracker. There is also the possibility to receive notifications from the smartphone.

    Runtastic Moment The

    selection turned out to be mostly “feminine” and, completing it, not to mention Runtastic Moment Fun .

    In 2015, the company released a line of analog fitness watches with smart features. One of the models was already in our blog.

    Despite the fact that all watches were quite universal in design, Runtastic decided to release a pink version. It was a strange decision ...

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