Bulbs "All Year"

    Carousel stores sell LED lamps of their own brand “All Year Round” (not to be confused with Ashanovsky’s “Everyday”). I bought them and tested.

    The store had five types of lamps: E27 6, 8, 10, 12 W pears and E14 6 W candles. All with a warm light 3000K. I did not take six-watt pears.

    There is little information on the packaging of the lamps: the warranty period is not specified (the telephone help desk said that there is no guarantee at all, not sure that it is legal), there is no information about the color rendering index, and the network voltage is indicated only on the lamp base and in the articles (and Those who invented inscriptions and articles were not aware that, according to the standard, the network voltage in Russia was not 220, but 230 volts. On the package, only the power, luminous flux, color temperature, energy efficiency and service life of 25,000 hours are indicated. take that Ivan can only be found in a comparison table with incandescent lamps.

    Lamps purchased in December 2018 were produced in October and December 2017.

    Luminous flux, color temperature and color rendition index were measured using a two-meter integrating sphere and a Instrument Systems CAS 140 CT spectrometer , lighting angle and consumption characteristics with a Viso Light Spion instrument, power consumption with a Robiton PM-2 instrument, pulsation with an Uprtek MK350D instrument . The minimum operating voltage at which the luminous flux is not reduced by more than 5% from the nominal, is measured with an instrument Lamptest-1 , stabilizer Calm Instab 500 and Latro Suntek TDGC2-0.5. Before measurements to stabilize the parameters of the lamp heated for half an hour.

    Measurement results:

    The lamps have no ripple (this is good), thanks to the pulse driver, they operate at a significant voltage drop, without reducing the brightness (minimum voltage 115-150 V). Unlike many lamps of Russian brands, these lamps have no lies with power - it almost corresponds to the declared one, and the equivalent of the power of an incandescent lamp is even higher than that of three out of four lamps. The luminous flux of all three “pears” is also slightly higher than what was declared, while the “candle” turned out to be 17% less than what was declared. Color temperature is also close to the stated.

    With switches that have an indicator, the lamps cannot work (they flash when the switch is off).

    And now about the sad. Two lamps had a color rendering index higher than 80, while the other two were about 73. On the package, as I wrote above, nothing is written about this parameter and there is a suspicion that those who ordered these lamps in China simply did not know about this parameter , and the Chinese put those LEDs that were. This may mean that in other batches there can be anything, and there are no guarantees that all year round candles made not in December 2017 will have CRI (Ra) above 80.

    On the one hand, lamps are cheap (81- 109 rubles) and they almost met the stated parameters, there is no ripple and a good driver is used, on the other hand, I cannot recommend them for purchase due to unpredictable color rendering index and lack of warranty.

    © 2019, Alexey Nadyozhin

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