Alphabet of the beginner Symbian OS user


    This article is aimed at people who for one reason or another are the owners of smartphones based on Symbian OS, but despite this they use their device exclusively to open beer traffic jams calls. The article contains elements of copyright neglect of some foreign software firms, but given my extremely good intentions, I will allow myself such a weakness. In the end, if you want to purchase this or that software - nobody holds you. For example, about 30% of the software has been bought from me honestly (because I really need it), 60% are freely distributed, and only 10% are warez, which I refuse to pay for in principle, because of the price and quality mismatch between them.

    I, with the assistance and supplying me with the necessary supply of food and very stimulating (albeit very) kicks from my unforgettable friend, whose name is Oleg, I write a manual article, such an alphabet of a novice smart-guide, which will help him (smart-guide) to understand the basics of smart-sharing and adequately zayuzat these beautiful devices as it relies on rightfully. How is it? Hehe ... One day I saw my old friend. He’s such an average user, he’s coding even a little on python (just for fan) ... So, he asked me to help him learn a new gadget (which he did not want to learn from God and (or) Google with the help of innate pathological laziness). Well, I helped the EU man, but how can I refuse something here. And thought. But how many people have a smartphone at their disposal, but in view of laziness / lack of time, they do not even want to use it. Maybe there are some among the habranarod? Here in today's article I will tell you about how to make something that is not ashamed and even pleasant to use from a lifeless piece of iron on Symbian OS meringue.

    Today I will tell you, habrachelovek, about the S60 3rd Edition (tobish Symbian 9.1 / 9.2 / 9.3). And I’ll tell you about veteran axes another time (unless of course there are those who wish to read). In case you, the hara-man, have forgotten, I will remind you - yes, on what.

    S60 1st Edition Symbian 6.1
    Nokia 7650 / Nokia 3650 / Nokia 3660 / Nokia N-Gage / Nokia N-Gage QD / Siemens SX1

    S60 2nd Edition Symbian 7.0
    Nokia 6600

    S60 2nd Edition FP1 Symbian 7.0
    Nokia 7610 / Nokia 6670 / Nokia 3230 / Nokia 6260 / Nokia 6620 / Panasonic X700 / Panasonic X800 / Samsung D720 / Samsung D730 / Lenovo P930

    S60 2nd Edition FP2 Symbian 8.0
    Nokia 6630 / Nokia 6680 / Nokia 6681

    S60 2nd Edition FP3 Symbian 8.1
    Nokia N70 / Nokia N72 / Nokia N90 / Samsung SGH-Z600

    S60 3rd Edition Symbian 9.1
    Nokia 3250 / Nokia 5500 / Nokia E50 / Nokia E60 / Nokia E61 / Nokia E61i / Nokia E62 / Nokia E65 / Nokia E70 / Nokia N71 / Nokia N73 / Nokia N75 / Nokia N77 / Nokia N80 / Nokia N91 / Nokia N91 8GB / Nokia N92 / Nokia N93 / Nokia N93i / LG KS10 JoY

    S60 3rd Edition FP1 Symbian 9.2
    Nokia E51 / Nokia N76 / Nokia N81 / Nokia N81 / Nokia N82 / Nokia E90 / Nokia N95 / Nokia N95-2 / Nokia 6290 / Nokia 5700 / Nokia 6120 Clasic / Nokia 6110 Navigator / Samsung SGH-i520 / Samsung SGH-i550 / Samsung SGH-i450 / Samsung SGH-i560 / Samsung G810 330

    S60 3rd Edition FP2 Symbian 9.3
    Nokia N78 / Nokia N96 / Nokia 6210 / Nokia 6220

    So,% username%, imagine in yourcrazy handles turned out to be a wonderful device running Symbian 9 (hereinafter simply - nine). What to do? How to use it? Is it possible to enslave parallel worlds with it? At what angle should it be held in order to open beer to them without severe damage for himself and for the final product?

    To understand the philosophy of nine, you need to immediately understand a couple of simple things, so that everything falls into place.

    Unlike previous versions of Symbian (hereinafter referred to as the veteran axes), cunning uncles made us a little dirty trick, namely, they cut off our access to the file system (hereinafter FS), breaking all users into 3 castes.

    Ideally, it should have been like this - Each device has its own level of "openness" (capabilitis). The most severe ones are a very narrow caste with the highest level of capabilitis - full, which (No. 1) have full access to all FS sections that are closed to outsiders. There is also a group of those (No. 2) who, by hook or by crook, got the opportunity to view private sections in read-only mode. Well, the most common caste (No. 3) is those who have only an abstract idea of ​​the closed coloures of the FS of their device.

    But naturally brave guys from all over the world could not come to terms with this injustice, and within a year they decided this dilemma. Today, any user of nine can get full access in a couple of minutes, resorting to the crack of the system. Why is it good to be the owner of a cracked smartphone? Well, first of all, this is the lack of the need to sign unregistered officially and applications that have not received a certificate from Nokia. Agree, the prospect of receiving a certificate so that everyone can use the icon you made is not encouraging. You can of course get a personal certificate (under IMEI) and sign them every such application, but, again, this is an extra crap that can be avoided. Yes, and there are a couple of fitcha, for the sake of fun, koi should be tried (see screenshot).

    We broke, we broke - and we are not at all ashamed, yes.

    So, the first thing you will need to hack your device. For this you need QuickHackKit . I warn you right away - this does not work on the latest firmware. See the guys from Nokia, too, do not sleep.

    At the moment they do not break:
    - N82 starting from 30 firmware
    - 6120 starting from 6.01
    - 5320 starting from 3.26
    - 6110 Navigator starting from 6.01
    - 6220 starting from 3.23
    - E66 starting from 110
    - E71 starting from 110
    - E90 starting from 300

    Cannot be cracked in general
    - N79
    - N85
    - N96 You

    can find out the version of your firmware simply by dialing * # 0000 # and pressing the call key. (The result in the screenshot above is optional;))

    Without hesitation, stupidly copied the instructions for QuickHackKit . Better vseravno not tell.

    QuickHackKit is the easiest and fastest way to hack your smartphone.
    Install sis, click on the icon, wait a couple of seconds, reboot the phone and you're done!
    The package allows you to install
    1) SecMan from BiNPDA (In it you can install the root certificate (Leftup plus BiNPDA) for N-Gage 2 games and applications and disable the capability check)
    2) InstallServer (for installing applications without a signature and expired certificates)
    3) Ldd driver for CapsOff and CapsOn (to disable capability if you do not want to use a secman)
    All components are independent of each other. That is, if you are only interested in the installation server, then leave a tick only on it. and that’s it!
    When installing, you will be asked to select the version of InstallServer. Leave a tick on only one version.
    There can be three ticks in total (SecMan, one of the installer servers and a driver for your axis) All three components are independent of each other!
    When choosing the version of the installation server, navigate this way.
    If you have 9.2 or 9.3, then the version from it will go 100%.
    If you have 3250, E50, H80 try versions from 9.1, E50, E61, 3250 and 5500. From 9.2 do not even try.
    MANDATORY BECOME SecMan if you do not know which version of the installer server suits you. So that later you could demolish the wrong version.
    If it writes the file is corrupted, you need to click Turn Plat sec Off in the secman and then delete via X-plore sys / bin / installserver.exe
    Attention! This is a test version, specially laid out to see how it works on other phones. If everything is fine, then after a little revision I will post the final version.
    After completing the procedure in the application manager, you can remove QuickHackKit. This will not affect what is established.
    This is a modification of SecMan 1.1 from BiNPDA. For which they are very grateful.

    If everything turned out - we dance and rejoice. If not, do not despair, try again a little later.

    Gentleman's set

    If you became the happy owner of a hacked device (it will be politically more correct to say unlocked, um), you will need the necessary minimum software, which I will try to explain below. If the file is marked with the sign - [P], this does not mean at all that you will have to suffer for a long time, you just need a Python interpreter for it to work (which I will say later). And if it is marked with the [L] icon , then to install it, you must either unlock the smart (what have we done, right?), Or sign it with a personal certificate obtained from our Chinese friends from OPDA.

    X-Plore 1.30

    X-Plore is the best file manager for Symbian. Of course there are analogues, but in terms of usability, functionality and convenience, this is the case when competitors are far behind. Conditionally free. Conditionally - because after each inclusion of the free version you need to wait a 3-second window, which is especially not very intrusive. It has a built-in hex editor (see the screenshot), a primitive player for audio and video files (which is very convenient!), And even viewing images. Also knows how to work with text files. But with .doc and .docx for now - read only. Essential software. We hang on a hotkey without fail.



    Adobe Reader 1.5 [L]

    Adobe Reader - version 1.5 is not the last, but it seems to me - the most reliable. Reader .pdf files. The thing you need in the household. There are analogues, but ... This is a classic of the genre :) Everything is simple - like 2x2. Forced free ...


    DivX Player 0.91

    DivX 0.91 - .avi file player. A masthead for fans of both full-length epics and fans of German short films. There are analogues, but he has proven himself to be the best. It’s free. It’s completely free. unlike less sophisticated analogues, by the way ...


    DEdit 0.76

    0.76 DEdit - text editor. Very advanced text editor. I advise everyone. It’s free. Need in the household.







    Jbak TaskMan 1.0

    Jbak TaskMan 1.0 - if necessary, is inferior only to X-Plore. An advanced task manager replacing the standard one. During installation, you can choose a skin - adjusting to the current theme or default. I highly recommend the default ... Free.







    MobileAgent 1.0

    MobileAgent 1.0 - no question - the best ICQ client for Symbian. Not inferior to the older brothers on the PC. Maximum functionality. Masthead. And as a bonus - agent, which (most important) is easily disconnected :). It’s free.







    QReader 1.97

    QReader 1.97 is the best reader. Fully adapts to oneself. Masthead. It’s free.









    Resco Viewer 5.00

    Resco Viewer 5.00 is an excellent replacement for a gallery that often hangs with a large number of images. Forced free.







    Device Locks Pro Advanced 2.01.48 [L]

    Advanced Device Locks Pro 2.01.48 - lock any application. How to use it and for what - I think it’s clear :) Forced.






    Font Magnifier 2.03 [L]

    Font Magnifier 2.03 - change the size of system fonts. I’m soooo useful. With this thing, you immediately save yourself from hemorrhoids with debugging third-party fonts, and immediately get a neat little Tahoma, the size you need. Forced free. The program is incompatible with N75.6290 and N76!





    SmartSettings 2.10 [L]

    SmartSettings 2.10 - an analogue of the start menu. Conveniently. I especially like the function of unlocking the device by double-clicking the joystick down, which is especially convenient if you have a slider and clicking from your body to the first is somehow dumb. Forced for free.



    ProfiMail 2.91 [L]

    ProfiMail 2.91 is a mega-convenient email client. From remorse - my first legal software. Forced free. Masthead ...




    Lights on

    Lights ON - do not let the backlight go out. It’s free.






    Python [L]

    Python and modules - Python interpreter for smartphones. Required for applications in this language. Tip - we put the python, modules and the applications themselves on the memory card.






    SmartGET [P]

    SmartGET is an advanced download manager. Written in Python. Here is an example of amateur performances of folk craftsmen. It’s free.






    These are just the main applications for the Symbian 9 OS. Naturally, all of the above have enough analogues. Someone may say that my version of the file manager is shit, and it will be used by some say FeXplorer, but I chose the above software based on the following factors:
    • simplicity
    • reliability
    • convenience in work

    In order not to oratory for a long time, I will simply quote from, which perfectly describes my philosophy of selecting software in this article:

    UNIX Main Principle:
    You Can Configure Everything!
    And you, b ... b, will configure everything!

    I hope this article has helped you a little. If there is at least one person who wants to hear a similar FAQ on veteran axes - do not hesitate, I will write it no matter what. Fortunately, my experience with such axes is also quite impressive. And yet, if there is a kind person who can give an invite on Habr to me and my friend who helped me write this article - write to the person who posted it here. Thanks!

    Happy New Year, habra May 2009 give us all another incentive to wait for our personal, modest miracle!


    All the manipulations were carried out on my all-seeing - Nokia N95 8gb. And thanks to him too, for having served me faithfully the whole previous year. :)

    PS 2

    I apologize to users of widescreen monitors who have read to the end. They know why. But I tried, really.

    UPD: At the request of habrayuzer xunbeliever reloaded all the files on DepositFiles. I have already fixed all the links. Everything is swinging. Also, at the request of some users - a pack in which all the files described below are located.

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