Open Access Cryptographic Programming Language

    The Galois company , which is engaged in the creation and development of various software, recently announced on its blog that the cryptographic programming language Cryptol , originally closed, is now available to anyone.

    Created for the US National Security Agency, Cryptol is a domain-specific programming language and serves as a tool for creating the design, implementation and verification of cryptographic algorithms. The development is not new - several large projects have been written on Cryptol, and development is currently underway at Rockwell Collins Corporation .

    Cryptol is ported under Windows, Mac and Linux and is available for download in trial, trial version. It includes an interpreter, documentation, and examples. But in order to get the full version - you have to write to the developers and convince them of the need to give you a fully functional Cryptol.

    Original blog post .

    Galois Blog via Slashdot

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