Take the bull by the horns

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Dear users of our service - advertisers, partners, advertising agencies!

We are pleased to have spent this successful year together. We all worked hard, earned money ourselves and helped our clients earn money, developed their companies and sites. Together, we improved the Runner, and many improvements became useful for the entire Russian “context”. You shared your knowledge and experience with us, and we found them in contextual advertising. As we have repeatedly said, often the thoughts and ideas of our individual users give life not only to some functions in the Runner, but also to whole areas of work.

We wish you in the coming year of the Bull:

  • many new good and, most importantly, regular customers;
  • income growing day by day;
  • successful negotiations and signed contracts;
  • competent employees who have something to learn;
  • interesting projects, without which the work would be just boring.

We are sure that in a difficult economic situation, it is inexpensive and effective advertising tools that will become a reliable support for a wide variety of businesses. Next year, let us make even more efforts to develop and improve such tools. We are also confident that such changes in the market conditions give each company a chance to make a breakthrough - we believe that you will not miss it.

In general, dear users, have a nice New Year!

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